Stefan Seifert

Stefan Seifert, a graduate visual communication designer and typographic artist, learned the basics of fine letterpress printing and design in the nineties at the famous Stamperia Valdonega, where he led the VAL (Valdonega Aesthetic Line) project.

Around this time, he met Luca Stoppini, the legendary art director of Italian Vogue, and designed several exclusive typefaces for Condé Nast.

Among Stefan Seifert’s graphic design projects, the corporate design of Trussardi, an award-winning Fendi logo design, and several typographic guides for prestigious advertising campaigns of major Italian advertising agencies stand out.

After returning to Germany, he was responsible for the design of magazines and founded his own small but renowned design studio. For several years he took over the art direction for Mercedes-Benz (Berlin).

Stefan Seifert is the founder of Elementi, which has been designing user experience and corporate communications for 10 years. As creative director and consultant, he continues to mix classic Italian-influenced style with German effectiveness and a contemporary temperament.

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